Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission Grants Hopkinton’s ATOZ Laboratories Notice to Commence Operations

Press Release

State-of-the-Art Testing Lab Now Available to Retailers

Hopkinton, MA – Sept. 7, 2021 – ATOZ Laboratories, a provider of independent testing services for Massachusetts’ regulated cannabis industry, announced today its receipt of Commencement of Operations notice from the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC). The notice was granted on September 3, 2021, and the independent testing labs doors are open for business effective September 7, 2021.

ATOZ helps customers to navigate, understand, and abide by regulations to ensure safe, effective, and quality cannabis products. With a new 6,000 square foot laboratory space in Hopkinton, MA, ATOZ’s state-of-the-art facility is managed by a team of chemists and biologists with nearly 100 years’ experience. ATOZ offers fast turnaround times and reliable results while ensuring the safety and compliance of customers’ products.

“The demand for our services has been high and we are more than ready to now move forward with interested cannabis companies,” said Corey Aldoupolis, ATOZ Laboratory Manager. “We approach cannabis testing in a scientific manner that ensures buyers that the product they are buying is safe, effective, and free of undesirable contaminants. We’re able to provide highly competitive turnaround time and we also have rush service available upon request.”

ATOZ Labs tests for marijuana and finished marijuana products including edibles, concentrates, extracts, distillates, and all other marijuana-infused products. The lab’s scientists understand that accurate testing results are vital to meeting market demand. Customers interested in registering for testing can sign up at and visit our site for a complete list of testing services.

About ATOZ

Founded in 2020, ATOZ provides independent cannabis testing services for cannabis flower, concentrates, extracts, distillates, and marijuana-infused products. An ISO 17025 accredited lab, ATOZ recognizes the need for research and development, and we intend to standardize and improve testing within the cannabis industry.

Our independent testing lab is based in Hopkinton, MA. ATOZ staff have extensive experience in regulated testing services, data quality and analysis, and research and development. For more information, visit


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